Drain Tiles - Farm Draining

Don't Let Standing Water Hurt Your Crops

Schedule a drainage system installation in Devils Lake, Tolna or elsewhere in Nelson County, ND, and surrounding areas

Do you notice standing water in your field days after it rains? If your crops are starting to suffer, get a drainage system installation with Earthworm Excavating Inc. We'll use drones, satellites and GPS technology to determine your drainage needs and give you an estimate.

If you decide to move forward, we'll schedule a time to come back and install all the drain tiles your field needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our field drain tile services, available in Devils Lake, Tolna and the rest of Nelson County, ND, and surrounding areas.

Discover the benefits of installing drain tiles

There are many undeniable benefits of getting a drainage system installation. Having proper drainage in your field could:

  • Allow you to plant crops earlier
  • Give you more consistent yields
  • Improve your harvesting conditions
  • Help you use resources more efficiently
  • Lesson the wear and tear on your equipment
  • Reduce the risk of stress and disease among your crops
Want to enjoy all these benefits and more? Schedule an appointment for our field drain tile services today.